This is why I love estate sales…

Every now and then I will go to estate sales in the area looking for shaving stuff, fountain pens or records. Most times I strike out but sometimes I hit the honey hole. Today was that kind of day. Now most records I find at estate sales are from 1960’s and below consisting of Christmas, Country, Gospel and Classical. I’m good with that but what I really keep an eye out for is the 70’s and up and today was my day to bask in the sunshine! Oh, just so you know, most records go for about a dollar each at these sales. Here is what I got today from two different houses. Looking at these you should be able to tell which came from one and which came from the other.



Sly and the Family Stone – Stand!

This has been one of the albums on my must have list. The record appears to be excellent condition with no visible scratches.



Styx – Killroy was Here and Paradise Theater

I find Styx album cover art so interesting. The one on the left is from my must buy list (which is kept in my head by the way). Both records appear to be in Excellent condition



The Power Station – 33 1/3



Mother’s Finest –Mother’s Finest

Here’s a little something you don’t know about me. I really enjoy listening to funk. I knew from the bands name that they were a funk rock band so I had to have it. Record condition seems to be also excellent condition




Little Feat – Down on the Farm

I know nothing about this. The cover art is what got my attention. This is from the stack of Sly and Mother’s so I figured it might be funk. The record appears to be in excellent condition and I look forward to hearing it later.



Led Zepplin – IV

I actually have this already. Looks in excellent condition. Will keep the better of the two and give the other to my step mother. She’s been wanting my copy.



Prince and the Revolution – Purple Rain

Excellent condition and on my must buy list.



Inxs – Kick

Excellent condition and on my must buy list. I already have ’Listen like Thieves’. The only other Inxs album I want is ‘X’



Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA and Tunnel of Love

Never a huge fan but I can appreciate his music. I know nothing of the Tunnel of Love album. Both in Excellent shape.




Genesis – Invisible Touch

Excellent condition and a must have



ZZTop – Eliminator

Excellent condition and I like to hear an occasional song.



James Brown – The best of

Excellent condition. Has pretty much every James Brown song I know so it was a must buy.



Nat King Cole – Vol 1 & 2

I have an album of his, but I couldn’t pass up a greatest hits album. Record in Excellent to Very Good condition



Bing Crosby – Songs I wish I had Sung

I love his voice. Record in excellent condition from my quick visual survey. Rather have a ‘best of’ album.



Tony Bennett – I Left my Heart in San Francisco

Record in possible excellent condition. I did not see anything wrong with it but I only looked at one side.  I don’t have any T. Bennett in my 300+ albums and figured this would be a good start. I see many songs that I have heard so I should enjoy it.



Not bad, eh? Each was one dollar. The 1st 14 where from one house and stored upright so that you don’t see that damn circle in the cover. The last three must have sat flat under weight as the album ring was showing up in the covers. I hate that.


There was also some shaving items in one home (I was too late at the last place according to the lady doing the transactions). I got a full bottle of Avon Excalibur aftershave for $5. It smells incredible!20150306_12400820150306_124032


I also scored this. A Schick Adjustable Injector. It was used as you can maybe see from the dirty blade left in. There was no tag so I got it for $4 dollars.



As far as Injector razors go, this will be my last purchase for myself. Between this and the other two, there isn’t any big difference in the functioning head part of the other Schick and Eversharp razors, just changes to the handle…. Unless you get the repeating magazine razor which was the first one from the 1920’s or something. I’ve cleaned it up, sterilized it and it is ready for shaving. The adjustment dial functions perfectly. The chrome plating has some blemishes in it but that is understandable.


I did pick up 3 more items for a total of $1.50.

Del Monte Spaghetti sauce (Expires next year and is what I use for spaghetti)

Saran Wrap (full box) 100 SQ FT

Aluminum Foil (Full Box) 300SQ FT

Have you ever been to an estate sale? No? Don’t know where to look? I can help. Go to  Just put in your zipcode. This is how I find out about upcoming ones in my area.


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