Shave of the Day ~ 5March2015

So this is my third shave in a row with the Micro Touch One and I have to say it is a fantastic razor for anyone starting out or even the more experienced like myself, unless you want an aggressive razor.  I had a Shaving Factory razor some time back that I gave away. Both are about the same in cost, $12 to $15 dollars, but this  Micro Touch is much better. Having the right blade in the Micro Touch helps too.

Third shave with the Rapira and I did 4 passes. I have some burning on the bottom half of my jaw line but the blade still felt sharp and smooth.

Loving the RazoRock XX!

  • Soap – RazoRock XX
  • Brush – Vie Long 14830
  • Razor – Micro Touch One
  • Blade – Rapira (3)
  • Alum
  • Balm – RazoRock XX



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