Shaves of the Day + Noggin ~ 27February2015

I did shave yesterday, but I got busy and had no time to post. The Thursday shave was exactly the same as this past Williams Wednesday. It was a great shave, but todays was even better!


Today I am continuing with the Williams as it is nearly gone. I estimate I have two more shaves at the max remaining after today. Normally I shave directly after a shower but things came up and at least 30 minutes had passed after my shower when I found myself ready for a shave. I decided to apply some Corn Huskers lotion and then apply a damp towel that I heated in the microwave. I wrapped the towel around my face with another towel on top to trap in the heat and laied in bed for about a minute and half. Went straight to the basin, applied hot water and lathered the Williams. This was to be the fourth shave with the same blade so I switched to my Bullet-tip as I find it a bit more milder. I did one true WTG pass all over. Two true XTG passes all over (second in opposite direction) and I did a true ATG pass, slight angle on neck. There was no bleeding or redness and felt very smooth. I decided I would test my luck and repeat it all over again for the head. This is the 5th shave with same blade and it did feel a bit rough, but it mowed it down for a DFS up top. I skipped the Alum black and ran my head/face under the shower head with warm/hot water and patted dry. So far so good. I was going to use the Redwood today but decided I should pace myself so I grabbed the Musk, which is nearly out. I got only a little sting up top and on the face. I am truly pleased by the performance and results today.

  • Pre-shave – Corn Huskers with menthol crystals
  • Hot towel wrap
  • Soap – Williams Mug Soap (vintage tallow)
  • Brush – Van Der Hagen boar
  • Razor – Gem Micromatic Bullet-tip
  • Blade – Treet Super
  • Aftershave – Aqua Velva Musk



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