Shave of the Day ~ 24February2015

Today’s shave didn’t go as plan. My ideal shave today was for the Stirling Clubman to match perfectly with the Clubman aftershave and for the Gem razor to still feel familiar in my hands. Nope. Not happening.

While I love the moisturizing properties for the Stirling soap and the slickness, it just doesn’t match my Clubman aftershave. It’s got some of it’s qualities but it isn’t a perfect match and that is what I had hoped for. This wont stop me from buying Stirling. It’s a great soap and the price can’t be beat.  Their Texas on Fire is simply an amazing super strong scent if that is your sort of thing. I have a few others. One I am looking forward to using is the Ozark Mountain. Great scent. If you are looking for a good tallow soap, head over to Stirling Soap. They now ship worldwide and have more than just shave soap.

It has been awhile since I used the Gem Micromatic (open-comb). This razor has been a hit or a miss for me. When used often it proves to be very nice and great results, but sporadic use causes me to have issues. Today the issue was on the WTG pass on my cheeks. The end result is a very smooth face but parts of my face are irritated and there was some bleeding, on the cheek of all places. The Alum block rub stopped the bleeders pretty quickly and I rinsed and applied some witch hazel. After drying I did the aftershave.

Have a good one folks!

  • Soap – Stirling Soap – Stirling Clubman
  • Brush – Semogue 740 badger
  • Razor – Gem Micromatic (Open Comb)
  • Blade – Treet Super
  • Alum block
  • Witch Hazel
  • Aftershave – Pinaud Clubman



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