Shave of the Day ~ Reef Point Soaps ~ 21February2015

Decided to revisit Peerless by Reef Point Soaps. The last time I used it my water to soap ratio seemed off. This time I used a little more water and was rewarded with a very nice lather. I have the tallow based soap by the way. I am using the 4 ounce as it is more in my price range and I got them when there was a sale. I chose the Semogue today because the bristles are shorter and work very nice in smaller tins like this. I put in a fresh Zorrik blade, which I don’t recall being a very good blade, but it performed great today.  I did one XTG all over and another XTG on neck and ATG on cheeks. The Cheeks are BBS and the neck is nearly the same. I am very impressed on how slick the soap and razor was under the chin (which was ATG). Ran the alum block all over and got no sting. I read the scent description for the soap and I don’t get it. I’m horrible at picking out scents sometimes. To me it is clean, modern and masculine. I felt the Brut Attitude was a great compliment to it. This is a soap I feel comfortable putting on my restock list and encouraging others to try.

  • Brush – Semogue 1520
  • Soap – Reef Point Soaps – Peerless
  • Razor – Merkur 11c
  • Blade – Zorrik
  • Alum block
  • Aftershave – Brut Attitude



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