Great Shave ~ 19February2015

I’ve been out of town for a few days and my last shave was Sunday morning. A shave after a few days growth is always a pleasure and when done right it is a delight.  I asked a group of friends what razor I should use and the majority chose my Coles travel slant.  I decided to match my Edwin Jagger handle to it to give it some weight so I could really let the razor do the work. Popped in a fresh Gillette Silver Blue. I did 4 passes and the shave took nearly 30 minutes. I can do it all in a fraction of the time but I really wanted the lather to get worked in and I spent most of the time lathering. It is in the teens outside so I reached for the dwindling sample of Soap Commander Cracklin’ Birch. After today I have one more shave worth left. I did a touch up under each ear lobe and cut myself. That’s the only loss of blood. There was no lather there and I was going fast on it. Anyway, not counting the touch ups, I have a flawless BBS shave. The finishing touch of Aqua Velva Redwood was burn and sting free. It felt wet and smelled great and that was that.  A perfect shave!

  • Soap – Soap Commander Cracklin’ Birch
  • Brush – VieLong 13070
  • Razor – Coles NY travel slant with an Edwin Jagger handle.
  • Blade – Gillette Silver Blue
  • Alum block
  • Aftershave – Aqua Velva Redwood.



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