Shave of the Day ~ 12February2015

Have not been feeling well. Tuesday evening I was hit quite suddenly with swollen neck and throat resulting in painful swallowing. I have had two nights of almost no sleep. Last night around midnight I thought it was getting better but this morning has proven me wrong and now I have a congested cough. Took some medicine and jumped into a long steamy shower for the shave and to feel somewhat better.

This shave is a combination of old/new. The old would be the Ever~Ready 1912 razor.  I believe it was in production from 1912 to 1915, which the 1914’s were introduced. The Gem 1912 was made for a much longer period. Speaking of which. I was just watching Season I, Episode 6 of MASH and I could have sworn I saw Frank Burns character using a GEM 1912 (2:40 into the show). Anyway, that places this razor to about 100 years old. The spring that holds the top down is a bit loose, but the blade stays firmly in unless you go ATG… which I forgot and went ATG. I’m a little tender but no bleeding. The new would be GInger’s Garden Suede shaving soap. This is the tallow version and turns into a lather orgy in no time! The scent is sensual and masculine and a pleasure to use.  I did 3 passes and my brush was still full of lather. Love it!

Let’s combine the old and new. For your pleasure. New old stock Aqua Velva Redwood. I actually got the set in original case. Here are all three laid out on my shelf. Of course Ice Blue is still produced but I prefer the other three.002-12-15a


Describe the Redwood? I don’t know if I can. I’m horrible at that sort of thing. Redwood, leather, lots of alcohol at first. Masculine for sure. All I do know for sure is that this was the most expensive aftershave purchase I have ever made.


  • Soap – Ginger’s Garden Suede
  • Brush – Parker best badger
  • Razor – EverReady 1912
  • Blade – Treet Super
  • Alum spray
  • Aftershave – Aqua Velva Redwood



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