Williams Wednesday ~ Nogging Shave ~ No prep


  • Soap – Williams Mug Soap (Vintage)
  • Brush – Parker best badger
  • Razor – Schick E2 Injector
  • Blade – Schick
  • Aftershave – Aqua Velva Ice Blue (vintage) with added menthol crystals

Lately I’ve not been wanting to do my head shaves at night so I thought I would do it now. I palm lathered my rapidly thinning puck of Williams and rubbed the lather on my head with palm and brush. I did 2 passes with a lot of touchups, while frequently cleaning the razor under water and with an old toothbrush. That’s the problem with this razor. It clogs in the middle easily and is hard to dislodge. It is also very very mild, but still has bite. Well after finishing my head I decided to go ahead and lather up my face. I had not had my shower yet to soften the hairs. I did one XTG and then one ATG. I had just a few weepers, which surprised me. I expected my face to look like hamburger. I did some touch ups for a true BBS. Then jumped in the shower, washed, rinsed, toweled and applied some aftershave. Yeah. It stung but not for long. I expect I wont do that again. I used to shave with a Gillette Sensor in the Navy on a dry face. The hairs must have been thinner as I was only 18..or 19. Can’t do it now.




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