Tabac Tuesday!

Didn’t post yesterday but I shaved with Speick shave stick and aftershave and the Semogue 1520, Razor and blade same as today.


Tabac Tuesday. Tabac. Musky floral notes in an excellent soap and aftershave. Not a big floral scent guy but I love this. This might be the most expensive soap, per ounce, that I will restock once gone. Today, and yesterday, I am using a Cadet or Parker head on a Edwin Jagger handle. Of all my DE razors, this ranks the most aggressive, even when compared to my adjustables on ‘9’. Yesterday I knocked off a couple days growth with this combo and except for a spot I missed I achieve a BBS shave with no issues. Today I did two across the grain passes. Face feels fine but I saw some blood on my neck. The aftershave really helped soothe that. Love Tabac.

  • Soap – Tabac
  • Brush – Vie Long 14830
  • Razor – frakenrazor
  • Blade – Gillette Silver Blue
  • Aftershave – Tabac



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