Shave of the Day ~ 01February2015

I recently updated my list of soaps on hand and my top ten based on scent and a another top ten based on performance and this soap made the last. It is truly a…. bewildering.. soap. I mean the lather looks and feels like crud. It’s kindy airy, not as slick and seems to disappear fast, but not as fast as modern Williams. It doesn’t feel like it is moisturizing and should leave my face feeling dry. But what it actually does is provide a good shave (for me) and doesn’t seem to dry out my face. This was my third use on the Treet blade, 4 passes, with an alum rub after and no balm or aftershave.  The result was no redness, no soreness and no bleeding. I felt nothing from the alum rub. Rinsed off with cold water and never felt any dryness or tightness. This soap always leaves me baffled. The scent is indescribable. It’s not familiar and not a scent that you crave for. I used the VDH boar to try and load more soap but I still ended up dipping back in my bug for each round.  The soap does seem harder to load ever since I tried warming two pucks up in the microwave to mash into a bowl. Lesson learned, Do not nuke any soap unless glycerin based. Even though it did make my top ten, it is the only one I would NOT recommend. Should I change my recommendation then? I’m not sure. I love the 100% consistent perfect shaves I have gotten with it, but because of it’s other attributes I don’t use it often.

  • Soap – Godrej (puck)
  • Brush – VDH boar
  • Razor – Gem 1912
  • Blade – Treet Super (3)
  • Alum
  • Cologne – GFT Spanish Leather



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