SoTD ~ 29January2015

Two pass shave today.  Stetson is one of those aftershaves that I would sniff when I went shopping but never quite making up my mind. I started to see it more and more often in other peoples shaves and decided to bite the bullet awhile back. I have to say that it is one of my top aftershaves for scent and does a fine job calming my face. Love the scent so much that on my next shopping trip I picked up the Stetson deodorant. The Rubberset 153 boar is a vintage brush with it’s original knot. I love using one of my vintage brushes from time to time. Don’t worry. They’ve been cleaned before my first use.  When it comes to wanting more, it is probably brushes that come to my mind first. Beautiful to look at and hold and use.  I have a Pinterst page here that shows vintage brushes I’d like to have. The green ones are my favorite (I like the color green).

  • Soap – Soap Commander Resolution
  • Brush – Ruberset 153
  • Razor = 1960 Gillette 195 Fatboy
  • Blade – Astra Sp (3)
  • Alum
  • Aftershave – Stetson Cooling Moisture
  • 20150129_194205

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