Nearly Nightly Noggin Shave


I recently sent off a couple of samples of the Yeti Snot to a few guys and since it was still out I decided to shave my head with it. I loaded for awhile and even added a bit of glycerin to the mixture. To prep I rubbed warm water on my head and then the Corn Huskers. Lathered and used a new Treet blade in my trusty Merkur 23c. The shave went pretty well but I did end up bleeding in two spots. Bleeding on my scalp is NOT a common thing. I don’t know if there were bumps there or the lather just didn’t protect well enough. Half way through I reapplied the lather as it was drying a bit and my head had gone from bone chilling to hot….. or was it still cold. It is so blasted cold that it burns is what I think I am trying to say. My preferred method of using this soap is add a little bit to one of my non-mentholated soaps to give a slight chill. Careful! Not too much! This is the strongest mentholated soap I have ever tried. I had to use warm water to rinse off. I did go for further punishment by using Osage Rub but that felt mild compared to the Snot. My most used Shaving Yeti soap so far is the Shore Leave. It has a citrusy lime smell that I think goes nicely with Old Spice Lime aftershave. We will be seeing it return when warmer weather comes back. I have four soaps from the company, those two is and Columbian Necktie, which is a citrusy orange scent, and Magic Elixir which was a whiskey scent they did for awhile.

  • Prep – Corn Huskers with Menthol Crystals
  • Soap – Shaving Yeti – Yeti Snot (a couple drops of glycerin)
  • Brush – Van der Hagen boar
  • Razor – Merkur 23c
  • Blade – Treet Platinum
  • Styptic pen
  • Osage Rub



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