Would you like glue with your spaghetti?

So tonight I was going to use gluten free noodles for everyone with the spaghetti sauce. My noodle of choice was Hodgson Mill Angel Hair gluten free noodles. The last time I put just a single serving in my Pasta Boat with water and microwaved it. It did have some starch left over but it mostly drained away with no issues. Apparently you can’t put a whole box in a Pasta Boat and expect the same results…. NNnnooooo sir! Time was up and I put the top on to strain and after the initial rush of water it was like Elmer’s glue coming out. Took the top off and what was inside was not appetizing.  The noodles were still a bit too firm so I rinsed it off some, refilled with water and zapped it for 5 more minutes.  Serving it looked better but it truly tasted like some sort of paste or glue. My wife just got home and was hungry and I was starving from barely eating today so I loaded the family up and went to Wendy’s. I had my usual two sandwiches and am now back at home waiting for my digestive issues to begin.

I am guessing that a giant pot of water would have been the best way to go for the noodles. Lesson learned.


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