SoTD ~ Tabac Tuesday ~ 06 January 2015

I love Tabac. The scent, the performance, the restricted flow on the aftershave bottle. This IS the most expensive product that I don’t mind replacing. I’ve been very fortunate that most was given to me by my shaving friends and the only thing I have purchased is the aftershave. Despite good prep and lather, the blade bit me a little thanks to the head on this razor. It is either a Cadet or Parker head (made in India) on a Edwin Jagger body. The first three passes went very, very well, but for some stupid reason I felt like going ATG and it caused some bleeding on my neck. Some of you non traditional wet shavers might get images of blood gushing from my body but it’s nothing like that. Just a small, small speck which stops instantly with the alum block most times. My results are 20 times better than what I got with a cartridge. My choice of brush and razor were really based on the color scheme of the Tabac products.

  • Soap – Tabac
  • Brush – Semogue 830 boar
  • Razor – Parker head/ EJ handle
  • Blade – Astra SP (1)
  • Alum
  • Aftershave – Tabac



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