Let’s get back on track!

Two years ago I committed to making a change in my diet to lose weight and get healthier. 3 months later I had lost 30 pounds and then I went on vacation and I never really recovered after that. I am now right back where I started.  I’m getting reflux in the evening on a regular basis from the weight. So here we go again. Time to eat smart and today was a good day for it.

I’m not much a breakfast person. I promise to myself to change that slowly. This morning I grabbed a cup of coffee from the kitchen and added just some Stevia. Got down the road and realized it wasn’t enough and I dumped it out. Avoided eating out and came home to a banana, pineapple, peach yogurt, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and a half cup fresh spinach smoothie. After that I had one sandwich (2 slices ham, mustard on whole wheat bread) and a handful of potato chips (work in progress) and some water. Later on, instead of stopping at Starbucks, I had some hard candies that were in the car and when I got home I fixed spaghetti with lean ground turkey, onion and fresh mushrooms with a jar of Classico spaghetti sauce and gluten free spaghetti noodles. Oh. and more water.  A little later I had a 1/4 cup of Bear Naked with a 1/2 cup vanilla Greek yogurt.

Yeah. I see some things I could have avoided but sometimes you have to take baby steps. Tomorrow my goal is to really step up on the water intake and avoid those candies.


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