SoTD ~ 03January2015

Love the smell of the Redwood from Tiki Bar Soap.  Just like yesterday it felt like the soap was causing a reaction on my skin but there is no visible proof. Perhaps my skin needs a day off as I have used this before and it felt fine. Like her other soaps, this one performs very nicely with plenty of slick lather. Best thing I have to compliment this is the RazoRock XX balm. Tiki is at the higher end of the my price scale which explains why I don’t have many. Matter of fact, this is the only one I have purchased as my other two (Set Sail and Iced Mint) were gifts from friends. I’ve seen much higher priced soaps so it’s not all that bad. You owe it to yourself to have at least one in your shave den folks.

  • Soap – Tiki Bar Soap – Redwood
  • Brush – Vie Long 13070 horse
  • Razor – Gem Micromatic (Bullet-tip)
  • Blade – Treet Super (1)
  • Alum
  • Balm – RazoRock XX



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