SoTD ~ 02January2015

Not as well of a shave as I hoped for. While I have had plenty of luck in the past with Astra SP blades and my travel Coles NY slant, I apparently haven’t used the two together. Or perhaps the soap is to blame. It’s a good soap. Feels slick as snot and smells great though. It did seem like I felt some burning on my face as long as there was lather there, but there didn’t appear to be any physical reaction that could be seen.  Maybe the planets weren’t aligned right. I just don’t know. My neck is still sensitive nearly 10 hours later but at least I look good.

  • Soap – Straight Razor Designs – Frankincense
  • Brush – Rubberset 153 boar (vintage unrestored)
  • Razor – Coles N.Y. travel slant
  • Blade – Astra SP
  • Alum
  • Aftershave – Master Bay Rum



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