Nearly Nightly Noggin Shave ~ 01January15

Changed it up slightly from last time. Used Noxzema to wash my head before shaving tonight. Rubbed it in good and rinsed it off. The house was a degree warmer today for my mother and we went out and it just felt too oily. Slathered on the Shea Moisture stuff, Wetted it down and added some more. The razor tonight is pretty mild on my head and I find I tend to skip over some because of the angle so it took some time to get all the spots I missed. Decided to just rinse and dry and call it a night. No nicks, irritation or dryness. Rinsing off without the alum wasn’t very easy though.

Happy New Year!

  • Soap – Shea Moisture
  • Razor – Merkur 11c
  • Blade – Gillette Wilkinson Sword



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