SoTD ~ 28December 14

Oh my Goodness! The lather on this was a perfect 10. The scent and cooling sensation reminds me of Kiss My Face Cool Mint, but the Tiki lather is so MUCH better! I soaked my brush (boar) in some hot water while I showered. After drying off I shook out the brush and added a little water (room temp) to the top of the soap and laid my brush on top of that. Waited about 30 seconds and sopped up the water with the brush and gently shook it out over the sink and then proceeded to load and it was all over the place.  Did a few passes for a pretty good shave. I just didn’t feel up to an ATG pass today.

  • Soap – Tiki Bar Soap – Iced Mint
  • Brush – Semogue 830
  • Razor – Merkur 23c
  • Blade – Astra SP (2)
  • Alum
  • Aftershave – Wm. Neumann – Absolute Zero



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