Shave of the Day ~ 20Dec14

This morning I decided to try another new soap for me. Soap Commander Courage. Before lathering I find it to be a complex scent that I have trouble deciphering. The one thing that stood out to me was the cedar. I added a little hot water and lathered and that’s when the citrus notes really came out for me. I smell orange. It’s a good orange. Looks like I picked another winner for my shave den! The wife also greatly approves of this one.  I was in a hurry this morning as we were driving to Guitar Center to buy myself my Christmas present and we had other obligations in a completely opposite direction later so the sooner we left the better, as such, I only did one XTG passes. Must say the results were very nice.

  • Soap – Soap Commander – Courage
  • Brush – Vie Long 13070
  • Razor – 71’ Gillette Super Adjustable (Black Beauty)
  • Razor – Astra SP
  • Alum Block
  • Aftershave – Booster’s Mosswood



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