Williams Wednesday ~ 17Dec14


For most of my WW shaves you will notice that the Century #4 boar, original vintage knot, gets used the majority of the time. There is a reason for this. I have found that this brush holds water very well once soaked and stores a tremendous amount of soap/lather among it’s bristles. Today I added about a teaspoon of hot water to my puck while I showered and the brush sat in a cup of hot water to soak. After the shower I squeezed the brush and gave it a good shake to empty most of the water and I loaded from the puck about 20 seconds. Here is my first face lather job.


Nice and thick, right? I did a total of 4 passes without  grabbing the extra lather from the bowl that I loaded up in. Here is my 4th face lather with a few drops of water added to the bristles.


No seriously. All 4 lather jobs looked pretty much identical. After this I squeezed out what lather remained and was left with this.


It doesn’t look like much but I bet I could have put this down the sink, added some water to the squeezed out brush and got another good lather. Love the brush.

Hardware for todays shave are:

  • Soap – Williams Mug Soap (vintage “Tallow” version
  • Brush – Century #4 boar
  • Razor – 1912 Gem
  • Blade – Treet Super (1)
  • Alum block
  • Aftershave – Booster’s Mosswood (nearly gone!)



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