Shave of The Day ~ 14Dec2014

Something new today. Soap Commander Resolution! And since I’m using Resolution today for the first time, I’m going to make a resolution. No more binge eating. No more eating 3 to 4 burgers at a fast food place. I’m am going to eat less. I’d like to cut out fast food all together but that’s a lot harder to put in practice. I’m also going to limit myself to tall size Frappuccino’s at Starbucks, when I need a late day pick me up. No more venti sizes. Let’s go ahead and limit my choice to tall coffee frap’s only. I gotta start brining my weight down and this is a good start. Friday I stepped down from a curb and my right knee (what is left of it) basically went “crunch” and I’ve had some discomfort since and stepping down makes it do it all over again.  Since I got home from church today I’ve been rolling around in a wheelchair and I hate sitting in a wheelchair. So helpless and the house is cluttered from Christmas and other things, mainly my fault there, so it is hard to get around the house. Anyway. Let’s get to the shave!


Another quality product from Soap Commander. This is a delicious smelling soap. To my nose, which I know isn’t the best, I find the main scents to by subtle. If I smell and try to concentrate I can pick out the Fir and Cranberry but I don’t quite know what Mistletoe actually smells like so I can’t really find it. But none of that matters as it smells really really good. The blade wasn’t sharp today but I used it anyway. Felt like sandpaper being pulled across my skin. After two XTG passes I couldn’t take anymore and stopped my shave short of BBS. Surprisingly, the lather protected me well and I had no issues. Did a quick alum rub and rinse and that was that. No balm or aftershave. Sweet! Go get you some. At $2.5 an ounce in such a nice container it really is a good deal.


  • Soap – Soap Commander – Resolution
  • Brush – Vie Long – 13070 horse
  • Razor – 1960 Gillette 195 (Fatboy)
  • Blade – Gillette Silver Blue (4)
  • Alum block and rinse
  • Cologne – GFT Spanish Leather



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