The Almost Nightly Noggin Shave ~ 12 Dec. 2014


  • Preshave – Noxzema
  • Soap – Synergy Steeplechase
  • Brush – Van der Hagen boar
  • Razor – Merkur 23c
  • Blade – Derby Extra (2)
  • Alum block
  • Styptic
  • Aftershave – Booster’s Mosswood


Yes. It says Styptic and a lot of it. There was a bump on my neck and when I used a mirror to check to see if I missed anything I saw the blood and the bump that was there was basically non-existent. Ran alum over the head and the neck and it kept bleeding. Had my wife come in and hold the styptic against it to stop it good. About 20 seconds and it had stopped. Absolutely no pain. The Noxzema preshave routine continues to make head shaving without a shower easy. I am getting some of my closest one pass wtg shaves ever.



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