Got some more records today

Found a place that had a large selection of records. One room was full of them but at 3 to 5 dollars. Then they showed me some on the floor (about 250 to 300 of them) for a dollar each. Can’t resist that!

20141212_18594520141212_18595420141212_19000320141212_19001120141212_19002320141212_19003420141212_19004220141212_19005020141212_19005720141212_19010520141212_19011220141212_19012120141212_19012920141212_19013620141212_19014320141212_19015620141212_19020720141212_19021420141212_19022420141212_19023120141212_19024220141212_190249The Kingdom Come album I had as a cassette as a late teen. The Chipmunk and Rudolph is for my son. I have the Whipped Cream and other Delights already but I thought this one looked to be in better shape. I will keep the best and give the other to my Dad. I have been looking for some Rod Stewart for a few months now. I love disco! I had the David Lee Roth album as a late teen also. I like to listen to country from time to time and Dolly was such a babe.

Not bad Smile


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