Shave of the Day–The return of the Horse

I had been meaning to replace my one and only horse hair brush that I gifted to my little brother a year ago. I still have plans on getting a certain Vie Long but for right now I was sent a small horse, by Vie-Long of course, that will do very very nicely. (Thank you John). Now this brush is much smaller than what I would normally buy. This model is 13070 and you can look online for the dimensions. My previous horse hair was a similar to the 13061, but with it’s natural hair color. Now the previous issue I had with horse was the tendency to donut hole. This is where the bristles/hairs in the middle do not stand up after shaving and cleaning the brush. They would fold over and down and you had to work them out gently. I’m super happy to say that this 13070 is NOT doing that! Something else I am noticing is this horse is a lot softer on the tips. It loads soap and lathers very well, holds water and, well, it’s just really soft on the skin. I tested it last night with some Shaving Yeti and got the best lather yet. I can bet you will see this being used a lot! Let’s welcome back Vie-Long back to my shave den!

We can thank Arley for the Tabac bowl. I think it really makes this photo stand out and all. Tabac is a wonderfully performing soap. Easy to lather and plenty slick. Despite all the prep work I managed to have plenty of weepers today. I’m sitting in my wheelchair today to give an large wound on my stump time to heal partially before Thanksgiving. I wont go into gory details so lets leave it there. Anyway. Shaving sideways to the sink does not make it easy to shave carefully. I became frustrated and started to making second touch up passes on unprotected skin which is a no-no, especially with a SE razor! And this leads to why witch hazel is in the photo. Small splash of this to my wet face and let it air dry and then the aftershave. The result after 3 passes with touchups is a BBS with some slight irritation on my neck. Can only blame myself on this.

  • Soap – Tabac
  • Brush – Vie-Long 13070 horse
  • Razor – Gem Micromatic (bullet-tip or bullseye, your choice)
  • Blade – Treet Super
  • Witch Hazel
  • Aftershave – Tabac



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