Shave of the Day

HUFA (Haven’t use for awhile) Shave of the Day, Freaky Good Shave of the Day, The Super Cheap Shave of the Day. I bet I could come up with some other titles but I don’t have time for it. The three titles I use are pretty accurate for today’s shave (which was almost 12 hours ago and I’m still completely BBS). Things I haven’t used in quite some time are the Van der Hagen Deluxe shaving soap and a Derby Extra blade. The freaky part was how good the shave went considering how cheap the shave was. You can pick up a puck of the soap for under $4  and used everyday should last 3 months at least. A case of 100 Derby Extra blades is under $10 last time I looked. The bowl, brush and puck was bought as a set for under $8 actually. The razor was my Birthday gift over two years ago and the vintage aftershave I found at a flea market for $0.50 cents! The Derby’s were given to me so this was an extremely low cost shave. The freaky part is the incredible shave that I got after a normal 4 pass shave. One WTG, Two XTG and One ATG.  Was it a smooth shave? Well, the soap is actually quite good. If there weren’t so many good people out there that sent me this and that to try and I had never found any shaving forums, then this would be my soap that I would have been using for the pass two plus years. The non smooth part comes from the Derby blade. Maybe smooth isn’t quite right. The blade is not the sharpest in the bunch. I’m not even sure if the WTG pass took off any hairs! But it does seem to not catch on my skin like some other blades might. So it’s not as sharp, but does have a smooth quality to it. Because it isn’t that sharp I find a little pressure is needed and holding it at a slant helps it cut hairs easier.

Wish I could find a bottle of Aqua Velva Redwood aftershave in the wild like I did this Skin Bracer……

  • Soap – Van der Hagen Deluxe
  • Brush – Van der Hagen boar
  • Bowl – Van der Hagen
  • Razor – Merkur 23c
  • Blade – Derby Extra (1)
  • Aftershave – Skin Bracer Spice Scent

_MG_0015 -1


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