Williams Wednesday SoTD

Another low 20 temperature day here. Decided to add 3 drops of Shave Secret to my lather to give the vintage puck of Williams a little bit of a scent since it doesn’t have any of it’s own.  Also had to break out the Special Reserve. I love SR on cold days. Only 2 XTG passes for a surprisingly good shave despite this being the 6th shave with the blade. It’s still cutting and I can be such a Scrooge sometimes. I think ATG passes are out as long as I continue using this blade and I certainly don’t mind NOT being BBS all over.

Happy Hump Day!

  • Soap – Williams Mug Soap (vintage)
  • Soap – Shave Secret (for the scent)
  • Brush – Boar brush (vintage)
  • Razor – Merkur 11c
  • Blade – Supermax ( 6 )
  • Aftershave/Cologne – Pinaud Special Reserve



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