SoTD’s and gearing up for winter

It’s getting chilly outside and when the cooler weather comes I find I use less mentholated or fruity products and turn to “spicy” and “earthy” scented soaps and aftershaves. I am keeping my nearly gone tube of Bigelow nearby for those crazy Georgia days where we can have a 75 to 80 degree day when the previous day was below freezing.  Here is a photo of the soaps I plan on using most during these cooler months

Left to right, top to bottom we have:

  • The Shaving Yeti – Dr. Yeti’s Magic Elixir
  • Soap Commander – Respect
  • Synergy – Cavendish
  • Synergy – Chocolate Bourbon
  • Williams Mug Soap (vintage)
  • Speick
  • QED Essentials – Pine/Cedarwood
  • Straight Razor Designs – Frankincense
  • RazoRock – XX
  • Stirling Soaps – Texas on FIre

Other soaps that I might reach for is Van der Hagen Deluxe and eventually I’ll get around to the Luxury, Yardley Gold (seen below), Arko, Cella, Boots, Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp, Maca Root.  You can expect to see more Old Spice and Clubman over next few months also in the aftershave department.  Anyone else out there shelve their mentholated items during the colder months?

20141116_141230 (2)


Friday SoTD

I could have sworn I had posted this but around 11pm I realized I hadn’t even taken a photo. So I recreated the shave this morning for today’s posting. My hands were a bit cold and shaky so the photo isn’t too great.

  • Soap – Barbiere Di Figaro – Esclusivo
  • Brush – Semogue 1520
  • Razor – Merkur 11c
  • Blade – Supermax (2)
  • Aftershave – Stetson Cooling Moisture

From what I remember it was a super fast 3 or 4 pass shave as I was sharing the room with my wife. A couple of spots bled but stopped with cold water.

20141116_141342 (2)


Sunday SoTD

  • Soap – The Shaving Yeti – Dr. Yeti’s Magic Elixir
  • Brush – Omega Sintex
  • Razor – Merkur 11c
  • Blade – Supermax (3)
  • Aftershave – Old Spice (vintage)
  • Cologne – Old Spice (vintage)

This is my 2nd or 3 time I have used this soap. I gave a sample to someone but can’t remember who it was. The past time(s) my lather was subpar and I was not impressed. This time I added a bit of very hot water and let it soak. I wrong my brush out really well and used the “bloom water” on the puck. The result was a very thick, slick, stable lather. I was very HAPPY with the results and the shave went very well. No bleeding or tugging. Only 3 passes WTG,XTG and ATG and I am nearly BBS all over. I will be using this more often this time now that I got the lather figured out.

20141116_141428 (2)


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