Late night Head shave

No photos. Don’t want to wake up my wife. No shower so some prep work was needed.

  • Prep – Head washed with Noxzem
  • Pre-shave – Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp Pre-Shave gel
  • Soap – Yardley Gold
  • Brush – Elite best badger
  • Razor – Edwin Jagger body with a Parker head (very aggressive – look at 11/6 SoTD photo to see it)
  • Blade – Kai (5)
  • Cold water rinse
  • Aftershave/ balm – To be determined later maybe. Head feels fine and I’m about to snooze so why bother with it.


Wanted to start my shave with a clean head so I grabbed a tub of Noxzema and washed it down. I very nearly grabbed my mentholated Corn Huskers lotion but grabbed the AoS gel instead as it hasn’t been used in what seems like ages. To me the AoS pre-shave gel is much thinner and dries quicker. I think a cheap bottle of corn huskers is a better product and value. But I do like that Ocean Kelp smell. Too bad I can smell it when it is on my head. The whole time I was prepping I had my brush soaking in a bowl of fairly hot water. This brush can hold a lot of soap, but it doesn’t seem to hold on to water very well. Choosing a soap was hard to do. Just so many in my den that do very well on my head. I was reaching for Van Der Hagen deluxe when I saw the tube of Yardley Gold that Jim had sent me recently and knew that that was the perfect choice. I really do like this soap. Not easy to come by and some may not like the scent. The scent is average and pleasant. Not one to put your olfactory senses in overdrive and make you want to eat it. No, it’s an average scent. The cushion, slippery glide and after shave feel are spot on to me and that is what makes it a good soap to me. I lathered one side and did a pass from front to back. Repeated process on other side. The pass doesn’t get me BBS. It’s more of a fine sandpaper texture if you rub your hand over it ATG. This is my preferred feel and I shaved accordingly to get it. The razor felt super aggressive, just like this mornings shave. The Kai blade, which I reserved for this head shave due to a less smooth shave the other day, did not disappoint. On the scalp it takes on a new life. The large gap in the razor head made rinsing out the cut hair a snap (this was about a weeks worth).

Looking at what was used (not counting Noxzema), the only thing I had bought myself outright was the Art of Shaving gel. The Elite brush was thrown in for free in a purchase I made by a fellow shaver and the rest were PIFs to me. You have to love the shaving brotherhood out there.


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