Shave of the Day–Green Mountain Soaps

  • Soap – Green Mountain Soaps -Lime/Vetiver
  • Brush – Omega Sintex
  • Razor – Merkur 11c
  • Blade – Kai (3?)
  • Aftershave – Family Dollar ‘Brut’ version


Someone on one of the Facebook shaving groups had asked about Green Mountain Soaps and I posted a response but I can’t find it now and I can’t remember what I said or what anyone may have said afterwards. There are a couple of pluses and negatives in my opinion about this soap. The positives are the price and slickness. It is slick for sure and at $2.82 an ounce it fits my affordability requirement, though on the higher end. The downside, and this is MY opinion, is I bought this scent because I love limes, but I just can’t smell it. Not even sure what vetiver is but I suppose it is more like that. Despite the slickness when wet, the lather starts to dissipate fairly quickly so taking my time is not an option unless I want to constantly reapply lather. I can add more water but then it becomes bubbly. The third thing is the shape. It’s round. You have to mill/shred it into a container for loading your brush. That’s just not practical.

Did I get a good shave today? Yes. I am BBS but there was two weepers that stopped quickly with just cold water. The soap does work, but it remains at the bottom of my useable soap lists.

I think I have this Merkur 11c figured out. Sweet.

My intention was to use up this aftershave as it wasn’t a favorite but the more I use it, the more I like it. What gives?




2 thoughts on “Shave of the Day–Green Mountain Soaps

  1. I bought one last month from a local shop, as they are an Alabama based business just like me and I like supporting local businesses 🙂 I am enjoying using mine, I got the one that is like Balsam and Fir or something? IDK I just like tree EO scents. My puck was hard and I didn’t understand how to get it into a container, so I have just been holding it in the palm of my hand to use.


    • That’s the one I should have gotten. At the time I was looking for a Lime and that’s what swayed me but I love tree based scents, except for sandalwood… Don’t know why that one doesn’t grab me. But yeah, you can use a cheese grater and grate it all up and mash it into a tin. Palm lathering like you are doing is probably how I should have done it. Grating soaps sometimes results in grated knuckles!

      Okay, so I just typed up this glowing response to try Tiki Bar Soap since you are in Alabama and then I got to looking at your photo and realizing that this is Amanda from Tiki Bar Soaps and how silly my recommendation to you would be. LOL. So I’ll just make the recommendation to everyone else!

      Buy Tiki Bar Soap! Comes in tallow and Vegan versions! Great stuff! I have Set Sail myself.


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