The Coles N.Y. Made in Germany travel slant

Got some comments on one of the other forums about this razor. Hard to believe I found it at an estate sale, probably never used, for $8 dollars. I say probably never used because of the blade that came with it (See below). It was made by Merkur and seems to be exactly the same as the Hoffritz travel slant. To this day I haven’t found another travel version of this yet.  Enjoy the photos.



2 thoughts on “The Coles N.Y. Made in Germany travel slant

  1. Hello. I have the exact same safety razor sans the original blade. Did you find out the era (what decade), what the case is made of ( chrome or nickel )?
    I’d like to gift it to a friend and tell him the details of this treasure. He travels.


    • I have no idea really. I have heard that it was made by Merkur (explains the blade) for a Cutlery company in NY. I have no idea on time frame. Sorry for the late reply.


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