Sunday 26th SoTD

4th shave with this particular blade (8th shave with this brand), 1st shave with a non-adjustable razor. I totally missed my shave yesterday so I chose a pretty much mint Coles N. Y. travel slant razor. I have no idea how old it is. All I know is who it belonged to and that it did not see any use. It still had a wrapped old Merkur blade. I also have the case it comes in. I still haven’t seen the travel version pop up on Ebay to this day. Anyway. Loaded the blade in and after lathering up really good I proceeded to do the 4 passes like I have been doing with the adjustables. Not a single drop of blood or irritation to be had. I think the blade has more shaves left in it so I’ll be using it tomorrow, perhaps with same razor, but I was eyeing the Merkur 23c. Finished up with some witch hazel just to have something on the face that would fade quickly and not interfere with my cologne. All in all I think I had an excellent shave.

  • Soap – C. O. Bigelow
  • Brush – Parker best badger
  • Razor – Coles N. Y. travel slant
  • Blade – Rapira Swedish (4)
  • Aftershave – generic witch hazel
  • Cologne – G. F. T. Spanish Leather

Forgot to mention this was a cold water shave. I had stuck the Parker in a cup of hot water yesterday but simply had no time to shave and I never took it out so the water this morning had chilled quite a bit and I decided to use just cold tap water. Very pleased.


So I’ve been making a shopping list.  With the my soap cravings going more towards the small time soap makers I’m looking at Maggard Razors website for my next order.  What I have put on my list so far:

  • Alum Blocks
  • MR8 razor (I like my razors to be on the heavy side and the price is very nice)
  • Tabac soap (Nearly out and would love a puck in the milk glass bowl. will look nice beside my aftershave bottle)
  • Synergy (HTGAM) Lime  ( I like Lime. I already have his Cavendish and Chocolate Bourbon. This would be a warmer weather soap for me)
  • Soap Commander Endurance (To go with all my old spice aftershaves)
  • Soap Commander  Courage (The scents sound like something I would enjoy)
  • Maggard Razors London Barbershop or Orange Menthol
  • RazoRock XX – I have a sample of this and love it!
  • Vie-Long 14830 horse hair brush. This is a must. I love good looking brushes.

The Alum and brush are a must have. I just want to get enough to get free shipping. So….. 2 scratch and dent alum blocks for 4.76 and the brush for 36.00. Only need roughly $35 to go. I can probably drop the Synergy as I have plenty of lime scented soap right now. Everything else is either don’t have or nearly out. What would you get?


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