Think I got this Super Adjustable licked!

My shower took a lot less time than I thought it would and I found myself with 30 minutes to shave so I really took a look at what I was doing. I spent a lot more time swirling the Cavendish scented Synergy Soap from I set my Super Adjustable (with a gently used Rapira blade) to a setting of 5. Normally I have it set to 7 and I leave it there but today would be different. I did a  WTG pass my usual, rinsed the face off and spent another triple time lathering process. I did one XTG pass, rinsed, lathered and then another XTG pass in opposite direction. Rinsed, lathered for some time (love the scent) and changed my adjustable to a setting of 1. I started to go ATG and found that I had to hold it a little different to get some cutting action. It also required frequent rinsing out. After a true ATG pass all over I rubbed some lather that was left over on my face with my hands to find any spots and did some touching up to give a truly BBS shave. No nicks or anything. Face feels great and looks even better. Cold water rinsed off and applied my one and only cologne for Church and I was all set!

Normally my shaves take 10 minutes or less. This  took the full 30 minutes but it was so worth it.


  • Soap – Synergy Cavendish
  • Brush – Semogue 740 badger
  • Razor – Gillette Super Adjustable (1971 long handled Black Beauty)
  • Blade – Rapira
  • Cologne – G.F.T. Spanish Leather

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