Shave of the Day and Antique Finds

On my way back to a home south of Atlanta from Tampa, Florida, my wife let me stop at an antique store to have a look. It was one of those gigantic places and I had told my wife I would need only 20 minutes. While in there I was given the task of searching for old card catalogs and a wooden toolbox(to put my sons books in). With the added search parameters I never had enough time to search the whole place. I did find on the way out the wooden tool box that was perfect and I purchase that but I left the shaving stuff behind as I thought the prices were too high.


The slots on that one side are screwed in and I should be able to remove that. I threw the book in for scale so my wife wouldn’t have to come inside.






The brushes are both Ever~Ready. C40 and a nice 500PB. The bristles where in nice shape on the later but small. $21 was out of my price range on that.

On to today’s SoTD!

  • Soap – TOBS – Mr. Taylor
  • Brush – Rubberset 153 boar (all original)
  • Razor – Merkur 11c
  • Blade – Feather (final use)
  • Aftershave – Skin Bracer

This was a face and head shave. I have started to do the face first now as the head is so forgiving. This was the last of a sample of TOBS that my friend Aaron gifted to me. TOBS is a fantastic cream but the smell isn’t one that I have to have. I am on the fence on whether the 11c is a good choice for my head. The blade had dulled at this point after 4 full face shaves and the razor feels mild which I find hard to use on my scalp. Not to mention the short handle. I really enjoyed it on my face though. The repeat attempts to remove hair up above resulted in a painful application of Skin Bracer. I had no idea this would be the case as my scalp looked just fine and healthy. I got the same reaction on my neck which also looked fine. Go figure.

I’m using my wife’s laptop to post this so it may look a little strange as I am not using my usual methods of posting.



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