Shave of the Day

Tuesday, September 30th

I promised Richard that I would join the Williams Wednesday movement in exchange of a vintage puck of Williams. Wednesday is also the day that we at Wet Shaver Review have been using the Synergy -Chocolate Bourbon, official soap of WSR, for the month of September. I missed each WSR Wednesday to carry out my promise so I am planning on making up for it this October by using it every Tuesday and I figured that the last day of September is a good Tuesday to start this.

  • Soap – Synergy Chocolate Bourbon
  • Brush – Semogue 740
  • Razor – Schick injector Type E-2
  • Blade – Schick
  • Aftershave – Pinaud Clubman

I had mentioned yesterday that this razor is ideal for an every day head shaver, which I am not, and entertained the thought of using it daily, at which, fellow shaving brother Adonis replied “Do it”. So here I am for day two of head shaving with the E-2. Had to go over a few spots as my angle seemed off. It is much easier for me to know if I got the spot good once I am mowing down a few days growth and not 24 hours of growth. The Synergy soap after a few seconds of load time gave enough lather for 2 passes on the face and all I needed on the head. Synergy is one of my top shelf soaps. Loads of lather, slick and very moisturizing on my skin. I normally never use a balm or aftershave after but today I wanted to just smell nice. I’m slowly starting to transition into my cooler months collection of aftershaves.

Result from shave is BBS all over and no issues.



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