Make it Hurt so Good Shave & Williams Wednesday Shave

When I had last posted I had used a Treet Super blade in the Featherweight for a 4th shave and it was very dull at that point before beginning. Wisdom would have dictated to dispose of the blade and use a new one for Tuesday’s Shave but I was apparently lacking in that department that morning. Thank goodness I used a quality soap that morning! The blade was so dull I had to treat it like a cartridge and the feel of the blade across my skin was like that of course sandpaper being wiped across my face. It was freaking painful and took a lot of pressure to cut anything. I did 4 passes. The WTG pass basically did nothing for me. I followed up with two XTG passes and the ATG pass at the end. Despite the pain, and I’m talking pain here, I ended up with a baby smooth shave with no blood loss or irritation. The end result was so good I skipped the balm and used some aftershave instead. You can see I have very little Mosswood left and to this I had added two generous pinches of menthol crystals to it. It was so COLD!

  • Soap – Synergy Steeplechase
  • Brush – Parker best badger
  • Razor – Gem Featherweight
  • Blade – Treet Super (5)
  • Aftershave – Booster’s Mosswood (with menthol added)

Oh. Forgot to add. The Steeplechase was very very nice. The soap sample seemed softer than my other Synergy soaps and it was easy to mash into an Ikea tin. I can’t describe the scent though.



Williams Wednesday!

If  Williams was still made like it used to be, I never would have branched out to other soaps. 15 seconds of loading gave me enough soap for 4 passes on the face with crazy amount of slick lather and there was enough to do my head if I had choose to. It’s crazy. It’s so slick, cushiony, moisturizing, etc.. With the exception of an Ever-Ready 1912 that isn’t in good shape, I have used all my GEM/Every~Ready razors and am moving on to my Schick Injectors for the rest of the month. I find the N-type (seen here) to be fairly aggressive for me and no matter how light I go I seem to take a layer of skin off that leaves my face inflamed. I did 4 passes again as I thought my light touch would allow me to get that far. I did the standard WTG, 2 XTG and final ATG pass and on that last pass I tore my face up. I shouldn’t have gone that far. I may have to go back and applied the Razor Relief soon. I have no idea how old that blade is. I think it’s only been used for trimming. Might have to skip tomorrow. 😦

  • Soap – Williams Mug Soap (vintage/tallow)
  • Brush – Century #4 boar (vintage knot)
  • Razor – Schick Injector N-type
  • Blade – Schick
  • Aftershave – Aqua Velva Ice Blue (vintage) with added menthol crystals



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