Shave of the Day ~ Menthol Mondays

September 15th, 2014

  • pre-shave – Cremo Cream
  • soap – Yeti Snot
  • soap – Green Mountain Soaps – Lime/Vetiver
  • brush – Parker Best Badger
  • razor – Gem 1924
  • blade – Treet Super
  • aftershave – Old Spice Lime (menthol crystals added)
  • cologne – Pinaud Citrus Musk

So I saw yesterday where someone used Cremo Cream as a pre-shave. Apparently others have done so. I happen to have some on hand and decided to try it. By the time I got my soap whipped up, the Cremo had dried on my face. I rewetted the face and then lathered up. Personally I felt no difference in my shave. As usual, I wasn’t to pleased with the GMS. I did enjoy the coolness of the Yeti Snot though and the mentholated Old Spice was a nice touch in the end. If I had to rate the GMS against my other soaps it would be at the bottom. It does work with the right razor and blade combo but not this one. I can say that the amount of lather from the two soaps was abundant but not the right type for the Gem.



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