SoTD September 12th

Face and head shave today. My last two head shaves have been with a trimmer so it was time for some blade on skin fun! Really need to sink some soaps on hand so my clutter is lessen to an extent. Decided to use the Bigelow. I have a smaller tube tucked away so this larger one is going to get used a lot. That and the Yardley Gold. Not sure how many shaves with the blade right now. I think today was to be number 4 or 5, add one more for the head shave. I wanted to really test my luck so I used a little more soap than normally and decided to do 4 passes, with a OCMM, including the dreaded Against the Grain pass on the neck. I can’t believe I actually pulled it off without any blood! I’ve gotten used to the feel of the Omega Sintex. I think this could be consider first generation synthetic if we don’t count those awful nylons from 40+ years ago.

I changed my routine and did my face first. I also started on the left side of the face. QUESTION: WHEN YOU SHAVE DO YOU ALWAYS MAKE YOUR FIRST PASS IN THE SAME SPOT EACH DAY? I have realized that I ALWAYS start at my sideburn on my right cheek, except today! After that was all done I lathered up the head and did my usual one pass and then it was a rinse off in the shower. The aftershave came about 20 minutes later as I waited to see what would happen after so many passes.  Head feels fine but the face is a little sensitive. It also felt dry and tight. A balm would have been in order but I prefer splashes so much more.

  • Soap – C. O. Bigelow
  • Brush – Omega Sintex
  • Razor – Gem Micromatic (open-comb)
  • Blade – Treet Super
  • Aftershave – Skin Bracer

Blade tossed at end of shave.




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