SoTD 9/11

Today’s shave was all about Refreshment. Refreshment from Soap Commander that is! I probably have about 2 more shaves worth on my Refreshment soap sample left and maybe 8 to 10 on the balm you see here. I had to reload my brush for the second pass today. I thought I had enough but it wasn’t the case. Sometimes that happens. Anyway. I felt confident enough with the soap that I did 3 passes with the Gem OCMM today. My third pass was a true ATG on neck and cheeks and the result was a completely nick free shave. There is some slight stubble right at the Adam’s Apple area but other than that I am smooth. It would appear I scarped some skin on my cheek as there was some burning there. The Refreshment lotion has a bit of menthol and that cooled it off for awhile. Didn’t solve the problem though. For razor burn I would normally use TBS Maca Root Razor Relief but today I wanted to stick with the same scents. What a great shave!

  • soap – Soap Commander – Refreshment
  • brush – Semogue 830
  • razor – Gem Micromatic (open-comb)
  • blade – Treet Super (2)
  • balm – Soap Commander – Refreshment



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