Menthol Monday’s SoTD

Celebrating Menthol Mondays on the Wet Shaver Review today.  I decided to try the Queen Charlotte’s Vostok again and see if some super hot water would bring out the scent and menthol feel that it had lost from being stored exposed to the elements.  So while what was left of the soap soaked and the brush tips sat in a separate cup of steamy water I took a nice hot shower. Before shower could take place I needed another bar of soap and that’s when I saw the old tube of Bump Stopper Shaving Gel and I got to thinking how it might make a nice pre-shave. Anyway. Hot shower done and I applied the Bump Stopper. I love the cooling tea tree feel of it. I let it sit on the face for about a minute and then rinsed it off and loaded my soap. The soap basically got torn the heck up by the old Century #4 and I had a generous amount of lather. The scent was still absent and I didn’t feel any cooling until the second pass and it was barely noticed. The shave went very well with a slight tug on the second pass so the blade was discarded as soon as I finished. I had a little stubble on the neck but it isn’t noticeable and the skin felt smooth and soft. Rinsed really well with cold tap water and applied the Osage Rub. Not much sting at all telling me my technique was pretty good. After the coolness wore off I went back and applied some good old Skin Bracer

  • Pre-shave – Bump Stopper shaving gel
  • Soap – Queen Charlotte Soaps – Vostok
  • Brush – Century #4 boar (all original)
  • Razor – Gem Micromatic (bullet-tip)
  • Blade – Treet Super (4th use I think)
  • Aftershave – Osage Rub
  • Aftershave – Skin Bracer

Forgot to mention that I was going to use the Slate Shave pure badger shaving brush but when I picked it up the knot fell out. I have seen this happen to others and was just waiting for it to happen to me. Thought I got lucky. Nope. The reason it falls out is the inside of the metal collar isn’t roughed up before gluing in the knot. It was doomed to fail eventually. I can easily repair it. I love the handle…… but I have a couple of other brushes that might have the same size knot whole this could go in. Dunno what I will do yet.




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