September 3rd ~ Williams Wednesdays SoTD


Head shave today but didn’t feel like using a blade up there so I used my trimmer (no guard). Brush soaked in hot water and swirled on puck for about 30 seconds and got enough lather for about 5 passes if I wanted to. As usual, the vintage Williams provided a super slick, cushioning stable lather that the modern Williams doesn’t seem to possess.  Two passes with the 2nd being a light ATG and I’m nick free and super smooth. I believe this was the 4th shave with the same blade so it was tossed afterwards. Since it’s going to be plenty hot I used one of my favorite mentholated aftershaves. The brush is an Elite Best badger. Doesn’t seem to hold on to the lather and hairs fall out here and there but it can hold a ton of soap.

  • soap – Williams Mug Soap (vintage)
  • brush – Elite best badger
  • razor – Gem 1912
  • blade – Treet Super
  • aftershave – Skin Bracer



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