Shave of the day – Moondance Soaps

So I got a new shave soap and took it on its maiden journey today. Sadly, it didn’t finish the trip.  Although the smell of fir needles and rosemary where present, I felt like I could also smell the olive oil. I didn’t really care for that. I added some warm water to the top of the puck which I had mashed into an Ikea tin. I put my Parker best badger in a cup of hot water and also submerged my bowl in hot water while I showered. After shower, I dumped water off top of puck, shook out my brush really well and loaded for exactly 25 seconds, transferred loaded brush to bowl and commenced to make lather. I got enough lather for two passes at most and it looked okay. I wetted my face and brushed and swirled it on. Seemed kinda thin on the first side of face by the time I finished the other side. The whole time it sounded like Rice Krispies on my face and it was quickly disappearing.


I decided right then I needed my soap whore of a brush which is my Montclair boar. These bristles are so tough that I had to trim the top because it would poke holes in my skin. I got rid of the bowl and decided to go straight from soap to face. Loaded aggressively for about 25 seconds and applied to face. Here is end result.


I waited exactly 60 seconds and took a second photo here. Pathetic.


I relathered and did two passes on that side of face. The blade glided pretty well but half way through second pass it felt like it was gumming up my blade.


At this point I decided to do the other side with a stick of Arko. Rubbed stick on wet face and used the Slate Shave badger ran under warm water for 10 seconds and got this nice lather.


I decided to let it sit for the same 60 seconds and it still looked fantastic.









I did two passes on the Arko side, slightly more aggressive than the new soap side. Rinse bother off with cold water. It took a lot longer to rinse the new soap side. Splashed on some North Woods from Aubreys Men Stock and good to go. I have to say the new soap side doesn’t feel as nice as the Arko side.  I WOULD NOT recommend this soap as a shaving soap….. but perhaps as as pre- shave considering it does seem to soften the face.. honestly tempted to throw this one in the trash.


  • Soaps – Moondance (Forest Glen) and Arko
  • Brushes – Parker best badger, Montclair boar and Slate Shave badger
  • Razor – GEM 1912
  • Blade – Treet Super (new blade)
  • Aftershave – Aubrey’s Men Stock – North Woods







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