SotW 7/14 ~ 7/20


Only missed two days of shaving this week and one was my precious Williams Wednesday. I made up for it on Thursday though. This week we saw the end to my Soap Commander Vision soap sample. This was from the batch before the final version which has peppermint added. I found that that scent paired nicely with Booster’s Mosswood, Brut Attitude and vintage Avon Tai Winds aftershaves from my shave den. Time to start working on my Refreshment sample I suppose.  I so need to try their Respect and Courage eventually. Check them out at Soap Commander.

Stopped at a thrift store this week on the way home from dropping my boy off with his Grandparents. The only thing shave related was a glass bottle of Skin Bracer that had about 1/4 of aftershave left. The labeling and everything was in good shape but I didn’t buy it. Now I wonder if I should have… It’s glass. Looks and feels better than the plastic and I know for a fact that Skin Bracer will always be in my rotation as it is one of my favorites. I wonder if they are open on Sundays………..

This week I decided to use my Van der Hagen boar brush. Yup. I had bought another VDH shaving set a couple of months ago and after my first VDH boar disintegrating a couple weeks ago I have debated on whether I would use this one or keep it as a display piece. Well, I’m not a collector or one that displays and doesn’t touch so I used it. It lost a few hairs just like my first. I had forgot how scritchy they are in the beginning. With use it will soften a lot. My old VDH boar was one of my softest on my face once lathered. Good feelings!

Enjoy the photos and info below!

July 14th

  • Soap – The Shaving Yeti – Shore Leave
  • Brush – I knew the photo was incomplete – I forgot to add the brush. Can’t remember which.
  • Razor  – Merkur 23c
  • Blade – Astra SP
  • Aftershave – Old Spice Lime
  • Cologne – Pinaud Citrus Musk



July 15th

  • Soap – Soap Commander – Vision
  • Brush – Ever~Ready 200T (original knot)
  • Razor – Merkur 23c
  • Blade – Astra SP
  • Aftershave – Avon Tai Winds



July 17th

  • Soap – Williams Mug Soap (vintage tallow version)
  • Brush – Montclair boar (vintage boar made in Switzerland.)
  • Razor – 1960 Gillette 195 (fatboy)
  • Blade – Derby Extra
  • Aftershave – Aqua Velva Ice Blue



July 18th

  • Soap – Yardely Gold
  • Brush – Van der Hagen boar
  • Razor – 1960 Gillette 195 (fatboy)
  • Blade – Derby Extra
  • Aftershave – Skin Bracer



July 20th

  • Soap – Queen Charlotte Soaps – Vostok
  • Brush – Montclair
  • Razor – 1960 Gillette 195 (fatboy)
  • Blade – Derby Extra
  • Aftershave – Tabac


Small footnote on this last shave. The soap has been uncovered for a few months now and seem to have lost its cooling power. I didn’t feel any menthol in it. I held what was left in my palm and palm lathered. It still performed top notched but was void of scent and cooling sensation. I didn’t realize it at the time but this is the 3rd use of the Derby blade. I went North to South on the entire face but held my razor at a 45 degree angle to the vertical pass so that it performed like a slant, but at a greater angle. I also took very short strokes and rinsed a lot more often, perhaps two strokes per side and then rinsed. After one pass I was nearly BBS all over. Not a nick anywhere and the skin looked and felt great. I got the Tabac aftershave yesterday so today was my first use after a shave. It pretty much smells like the soap, powdery, soapy, floral tones. My wife said she smelled a bit of musk. This is the 10.1 FL.OZ. bottle and is quite happy. The bottle seems to be a thick white glass (think Old Spice mugs) and has a opening like what you would find in a bottle of Worcestershire sauce so you have to shake the bottle to get it out and that cuts back on unwanted amounts. I really like that! It also seems to last a good deal longer than most of my aftershaves. Bonus!


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