Weekly Diary Entry July 13th


I should do my updates like this. Sunday’s seem the best day to do any good blogging. The hard part is remembering all that has happened!

Let’s see. Monday was my birthday and I went to the dentist, got shot up and a filling removed to see that a crack ran all the way to the root. Made an appointment with an endodonist on Wednesday. Little brother brought up the VA so I called the VA and found that since I am 100 service connected disabled I can get free dental at the VA Medical Center so I canceled my appointment and did a walk-in at the VA. I was the 3rd out of 4 walk-ins allowed and was seen. Found an infection around the tooth. Got some antibiotics and was told I’d see the endodonist next month. No big deal as I don’t have any pain at the moment. It’s nice to know that this is available. The problem is there are a lot of services at the VA medical center, but they don’t volunteer the information unless you ask it seems. I might do all my dental there from now on!

I have spent most of the week,  with my wife’s help and direction, pulling out old baby stuff, pricing them and making tags for the consignment THIS week. We filled up the mini van completely and dropped it off today. Whew. We are hoping to get enough money to get my son a loft bed with space underneath for a reading chair and a new chair for him in the living room. Honestly don’t expect enough for all so a new reading chair is a good start. He’s been very good about letting infant toys and books go and we are very pleased.

The diet has been a roller coaster lately. I have my nearly good days and then I have bad days. Of course this is better than all bad days…. right? I haven’t been very good about using MyfitnessPal everyday but I have tried.

Cut off 2 of three trunks from an arborvitae this week that had died or was dying. Inside I found termites. EEEKKK!!!  I have bait stations that were installed and are checked by a company and to date have not had any activity, but here they are and they have also ruined my wooden box garden near the house. This is the kind of things that make me worry.

I’ve been making an effort to have easy and fast meals for dinners on the nights my son goes to karate. This is allowing use to save a bit. Every little penny counts!

Out of curiosity, what is ya’lls favorite Andriod app?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Diary Entry July 13th

  1. Sounds like a not so fun birthday but at least you were able to find free dentistry. Happy birthday to you!

    Oh no, not termites! Do those require an exterminator? I don’t know if we have them in WA since it seems like mold is more of an issue and I’ve never seen one before, but every time I’ve heard of them it sounds like they can be a very bad house pest.

    My favorite Android app would be the same as whatever I have on the iPhone. I’ve had both kinds of phones and they seem pretty close on what they offer, so of course I mostly use MFP. I also like Grocery IQ as an easy grocery shopping list. I also love Pinterest and Flipboard just for fun.


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