Shave of the week and Pre-Birthday shave

So, during the summer the part of the house where my so called man cave is can get very warm and running a desktop computer with an old large CRT monitor can really put out some heat. With a new smart phone and a Kindle Fire I can do everything else without starting up the computer.. except blogging. With this in mind, I’ve decided to update my blog once a week to avoid running my old computer so much. Should cut down on the power bill a bit too.

So this is a half week update.

July 3rd

  • Soap – Tabac
  • Brush – Semogue 830
  • Razor – 1971 Gillette Super Adjustable (Black Beauty)
  • Blade – Rapira
  • Aftershave – Brut Attitude

All around good shave. Tabac is one of those floral powdery soaps that still smell masculine to me and the Brut Attitude is a great long lasting aftershave with a modern scent. First use of the Rapira in the razor so I left it at a setting of 7 and it did a decent job. Haven’t had a bad shave with this blade as of yet, but not overly impressed either.


July 5th

  • Soap – Soap Commander – Refreshment
  • Brush – Durabilt nylon (vintage)
  • Razor – 1971 Gillette Super Adjustable  (black beauty)
  • Blade – Rapira
  • Aftershave – Family Dollar “Brut”

Refreshment by Soap Commander is their newest and smells like a lemony sweet tea. They really nailed this one. Trust me here, I do not like food scented soaps but this one is awesome. Performance is awesome as always. I can not recommend a pure vintage nylon brush. It downright sucks. It will certainly get re-knotted one day if I can find a small enough knot. I moved the Gillette up to 9 with the same blade and I thought it worked better.



July 6th (pre-Birthday shave)

Here’s a new one for you folks. My nose isn’t sensitive enough to smell out the different scents here. I do smell some chocolate but then my senses get confused. As stated as above. I do not like food scented soaps. It is the reason I gave more than half of my Mama Bear samples away to a few folks. The Soap Commander Refreshment got me to rethink this and take a chance. So I did and here it is. So does it smell like a chocolate bar? Nope. Bottle of bourbon? Nope. I find it really complex and not all together straightforward. Did I want to eat it? Well, maybe lick it but I’m not going too! My wife really loved the scent. If the wife likes it then it’s a good thing!  The performance is what I expect from HTGAM. Good shave and a wonderful, awesome post shave feel.  If you follow along and you have noticed I never use an aftershave or balm when using HTGAM/Synergy soaps. If shaving soaps leave your face feeling dry after a good rinsing then you should check this out.

The Rapira did really nice in this frakenrazor. The head, either Parker or Cadet, is aggressive and the Edwin jagger handle is a nice weight to it. I did one XTG pass and my face looked great and no bleeding anywhere. I’ve noticed a huge decrease in any sign of blood with this blade and that is why I’ve been using it for nearly a week now. Going to use the entire tuck of blades up in various razors but so far this combination yielded the best results.

Pre-Birthday shave as tomorrow is my birthday and I have a dental appointment at 8 in the morning so a shave isn’t very likely. Wish me luck as I’m going in to see if I cracked my tooth or a filling.




6 thoughts on “Shave of the week and Pre-Birthday shave

  1. Two things we have in common with your post. I have a nice vintage Made-Rite nylon brush. Love the handle, but the knot, like yours, sucks.
    Secondly, I have to see a dentist Wednesday for the same reason.
    Happy Birthday, brother.


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