Shave of the Day



  • Hot water/ Apricot facial scrub


  • Soap – C. O. Bigelow
  • Brush – Rubberset 153 boar (original knot)
  • Razor – Schick Injector type E2
  • Blade – Schick (10)


  • Cold water rinse
  • Boosters Mosswood

I love this razor. I got so carried away with how good it was feeling I did a full on AGT on the neck which is a big no-no for me. I then followed up with touchup and was done. It looked good then and there but an hour later I saw/felt the damage. Especially after pushing an old-fashion 16inch reel mower back and forth in the hot, hot sun for an hour. Had to take another shower after that and used my Neutrogena Invigorating face wash which seems to have some nice healing properties and the menthol feels nice. This was 3 hours after my shave by the way.

Don’t know if the apricot facial scrub has any benefit to the pre-shave process but I do like how my face feels after. Maybe I’ll start using it at night before bed. Don’t know.



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