Been watching what I eat lately for about a week and a half. I’ve lost about 5 pounds. Hardest part has been getting back to drinking lots of water and avoiding late night eating. Drinking water isn’t an issue as I’ve been drinking mostly water for over a year, but it is the amount of water needed.

Today I used an old fashion 16 inch reel mower to mow a part of my yard. For those that do not know me. I am a burn victim. I had 3rd degree burns, partial and full thickness on 55% of my body. these areas are all grafted and do not have any sweat glands. This results in an inability to stay cool over 75 degrees Fahrenheit. My left leg is a below knee amputation and I wear a prosthesis. I depend on this leg a lot because my right leg is worse off. It appears whole but actually has several things missing. Many people think I am kidding when I say my missing leg is my good leg. Here is what is missing or detached and you can Google what each is and it’s function :

  • Quadriceps – Detached from knee area. They are retracted and I’m able to extend the leg only a few degrees due to the scar tissue that has filled in the gap and attached to the end of the muscles. It’s hard to explain, but when I put weight on that leg and it is bent, I fall straight back on my head as there is nothing there to straighten it. I’ve been this way for 20 years and no one would know if I didn’t tell them. No braces or canes (was told that I’d be stuck using both for the rest of my life). I still fall down plenty but I’m getting better lunging forward so I land on my buttocks instead or sideways.
  • Gastrocnemius, medial head – This is part of your calf muscle. They cut the bottom and folded it and the fat and skin up over my exposed knee. It got infected and I lost most of the flap. For a calf muscle I am left with the lateral head
  • Patella and Patella Tendon – removed. This is the reason for above. The patella and surround area were completely charred from the fire. Talks to amputate the entire leg were on the table but I glad this route was taken.
  • I’m not sure, but the Quadriceps tendon may have also been removed.

(the above stuff was laid out so you can appreciate what little mowing I did today. I am NOT seeking sympathy)

So. To push a reel mower in the nearly 90 degree temp partly cloudy sun for about 1/4 of a more than 3/4 of an acre yard today was quite a feet. Being an amputee I have read amputees use more calories to walk than one without the handicap. If that is true, then I burned more than the 582 calories that MyFitnessPal states in that 60 minutes of pushing. At one point my right leg went numb. That was weird. My left was cramped up in the socket but I pushed through it and did it. I want to go out and do the other half of the front yard now that the sun is behind the trees but it’s been raining.

Was going to do fish tonight but it was still frozen. My backup plan was still frozen too and neither the wife or my boy wanted to eat fish so we went to a local place for a buffet and I over ate again. I hate buffets.



One thought on “DIET UPDATE

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of exercise, especially when you can’t deal with that kind of heat well. Just don’t push too hard, kind of scary when your leg goes numb. One time my husband pushed himself too hard with weight training and was urinating blood – The doctor said that could have had very severe consequences and that he was lucky he didn’t.


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