Shave of the Day – The Dead Boar


Yup. Dead. My cheap Van der Hagen boar brush with the nicely soft split hairs has died. The freaking middle came out. Take a look. I’m not upset at all. I got it, puck of soap and bowl for 8 dollars plus tax 2 years ago. When the middle came out I decided to yank out the entire knot. I have no idea what they set the hairs in but it doesn’t look like rubber or plastic. More like a plaster feel in the middle. I can see whatever it is eroding away on the edges. Weird. Good news is I have another one to break in. Same thing will probably happen.



So the shave of the Day


  • Hot shower/ Old Spice Pure Sport body wash


  • Soap – Kiss My Face Cool Mint
  • Brush – VDH boar
  • Razor – Gem 1912
  • Blade – Treet Super (7)


  • Cold water rinse
  • Skin Bracer aftershave

Totally forgot to clean and dry the blade so it has rusted and been tossed. Shave was so-so as my attention was turned to my dying brush more than what I was doing on my face.


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