Happy Father’s Day ~ Shave of the Day


Father’s Day. This might just be the best one yet! I got up at about 7:30 and found my son watching a cartoon on the television.  I asked him what special day it was and he said “Happy Father’s Day Daddy” and gave me a big hug. He’ll be 6 in September and gives magical hugs. Nothing can compare to how it feels when I get a hug from my son. From my wife and son I got a new sauce pan. Feels good in my hands, heavy bottom, stainless steel and the lid had a built in strainer. It’s very much like my Emeril sauce pan. Almost identical but the size is different. The other thing is what you see in my SoTD photo below. What a very nice surprise and how fitting for me as I simply love the old fashion shaves and sharing with my son.

I know my postings have not been consistent. With my son out of school I find it hard to get some private time in. He’s a people person and likes a lot of interaction. Posting about my shave or daily life is a lot easier when he is occupied.

I love being a Dad. My son is so cool. Yesterday he made a song about me and Starbucks. How did it go… Something like “Cappuccino , Cappuccino, NO WHIP CREAM! S T A R B U C K S~~~~~

The day before I was outside and my wife wasn’t sure where I was so she asked Arthur. He took her into our bathroom, pointed at my spare leg and whispered in a creepy voice,”It’s his leg…but he’s NOT THERE!”

This morning I made them and myself some omelets with shredded cheese and smoked ham. As usual they turned out perfectly cooked. I have this small Kitchen-Aid pan that with just a squirt of non-stick spray turns out perfect omelets. This morning I added a touch of melted butter for a little more taste and moistness and skipped the normally added teaspoon of water. Gosh I’m good. I pretty much don’t use that pan for anything else other than eggs. Hand wash it only after it cools down. Love that pan.

I think later today for lunch we will go get some Mexican food to celebrate. Yum.



  • Hot shower/ Old Spice Pure Sport body wash


  • Soap – Kiss My Face Cool Mint
  • Brush – Van der Hagen boar brush
  • Razor – 1960 Gillette 195 (Fatboy)
  • Blade – Personna Med Prep


  • Cold water rinse
  • Skin Bracer aftershave

KMF Cool Mint is nice and cool on the face and intensifies on each application after the first pass is done. If this smelled more like Wickham Soap Co. Garden Mint and kept it’s coolness I’d go buy it again in a heartbeat. It’s a good summertime soap for those hot days and the Skin Bracer is a great pairing. Nice and cool.



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