Shave of the Day (June 1st)

So after scoring a vintage bottle of Skin Bracer Spice Scent, I had to put it in my shave today. I was not disappointed. Has an old Spice scent (close to it) and it comes with the cooling power of menthol. It was very very nice but the scent really did not last long. Today was the last day of the Tcheon Fung Sing Freschezza Polare. The Rubberset 153 boar tore into what little remained and it is now gone. It also seems to be a discontinued soap so it’s really gone. It was a good soap and will be missed but I have plenty to keep me busy and I’m not going to dwell on it.

Today, my first pass was WTG on cheeks, then turning into a XTG pass on the neck. Second pass was XTG on cheeks and the same pervious XTG on neck.  No irritation, no bleeding and I wasn’t even sure it was cutting on that second pass but apparently it did as I have a fabulous fine shave just shy of BBS. Got to love the heaviness of that razor.


  • Hot Shower/ Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face wash


  • Soap – Tcheon Fung Sing – Freschezza Polare
  • Brush – Rubberset 153 (original boar knot)
  • Razor – Gillette ‘Fatboy’
  • Blade – Shark Super Chrome (4)


  • Cold water rinse/ Alum
  • Skin Bracer – Spice scent



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